Thursday, May 28, 2015

Parents, Pastries, and The Leader in Me

Parents and Students of Midas Creek Elementary are invited to a special Parents and Pastries Event

A&C Track, Thursday, June 4th 8:00-9:00 am 
B& D Track, Friday, June 12th 8:00-9:00 am 

The PTA will provide the pastries.

Our Student Leadership Team and Ambassadors will provide displays for each of the Leader in Me Habits.

There will be 8 stations in all. Students will be given a Crown Card to go with our Finding Habit Treasures Theme. Students will be encouraged to rotate to all of the stations with their parents and get their special crown card marked for each habit. Every child who gets their whole card marked and turned in will get a special Crown Tag for their Leader Lanyard!

Come and enjoy some yummy pastries and learn more about the Leader in Me Program at Midas Creek. We are anxious to share our leadership habits with our parents.

If you haven't looked into Leader in me here is a link to Amazon to purchase the kid friendly book.

There is also an Adult Version --

Here is the link for that one. 

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Look Who's Up Next

2015-2016 Midas Creek Elementary 
PTA Executive Board

President: Heidi Elsasser

President Elect: Jen Runolfson

Treasurer: Christy Boden

Secretary: Adriane Watson

Legislative VP: Whitney McKell

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Teacher Appreciation Week

Marquee is a GO and Paid For

May 2015 Meeting Minutes
Adriane Watson                   Becca Hyer                 Jennifer Runolfson
Jennifer Johnson                 Timette Wankier          Carolyn Bona                                                                   Ardis Bird                            Staci Case                   Camille Jenson
Heidi Elsasser                     Amber Anderson

Treasurers report:
·      Started with 45,463.54
·      Expenses 8,900.46
·      End 36,563.08

Approve April Meeting Minutes:
Adriane Moved
Timette 2nd

Visitors from Copper Canyon Elementary PTA:
-They have been working on recognizing leader in me students year round.
- visiting other schools PTA meetings helps them to achieve lighthouse status

Mrs. Bona:
-       Looking into a literacy and leadership event at the school. Maybe do it as a parents and pastries morning and have 7 tables for the habits. Set dates of June 4th for A and C track and June 12th for D & B tracks 8:00 – 9:00 am both days. PTA will provide food, school will provide informational displays for tables and will have school ambassadors work the tables. Students will get a bead for visiting all tables.
-       Working to train all teachers and staff on the 7 healthy habits. Including lunchroom, custodial and office staff. If all school employees are on the same page they are better able to help the kids work towards their goals.
-       We also want to work to keep the community involved with the leader in me program. The more community support we get the better it is for the kids.

Marquee has been ordered and paid for!!! It was less than anticipated – final cost to PTA is $6,625 yay!!!!

Still some openings for the 2015-2016 PTA Board
-       Membership             - Art Awareness                   

Room mom’s for next year:
-       Need a training again, or some way to make sure that all the room moms are aware of their responsibilities and resources. Make sure they are aware of budget and how to receive payment. Maybe add an online link to the reimbursement form.

Bike rodeo coming up soon – May  11th and May 18th.

Teacher Mountain Lion award: cost will be less than $120.00 we will go with the mountain lion statue. Survey will come out soon for people to vote – there will be a plaque in the entry way where we can add the name of the teacher each year.

Field Day: we will have a jumbo slide and an inflatable obstacle course for both days – total cost is $800.
We will be using equipment from the PTA closet as well as the school’s gym storage.

Meeting dismissed until June 3rd @11:00 for PTA transition lunch.