Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Shoes For Africa

Our Student Leadership at Midas Creek Elemantary with the help of Ms. Riverton are partnering up to send shoes to Africa.

Collection for shoes started Monday, March 23 and will continue until April 17.

Here is a link to the letter that our Student Leadership put together.

Shoes for Africa PDF 

Thank you to everyone that has already donated. The Student Leadership is really excited.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Who Want's Free Pizza

Papa Murphy's has teamed up with Read Today to provide you with dinner. All you have to do is read! Right-click image to save image as...and print! 

You have from tonight March 23 until April 17 to get 240 minutes of reading completed as a family. 

Take the Read Today Pizza Pledge and read with your family! 

Once your pizza is fully "cooked" with reading, take this form to your local participation Papa Murphy's location to redeem it for a FREE 1-Topping, Family Size Pizza 

Offer valid 3/23/2015- 4/17/2015. Limit one pizza per family. Only redeemable at participating Papa Murphy's locations. For more information and a list of participating locations, visit readtoday.com

Read 20 minutes everyday and mark your progress on the pizza. 

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Why So Many Spirit Nights?

Our Teachers will receive the money from these nights and each will receive the same amount.  As a PTA we tried to plan one spirit night each month unless we had another school activity. This way we can get together as a community and can support our community sponsors.

August Spirit Night Cafe Zupas    Made  $461.82

September --Fun Run 

November -- Classic Fun Center 

October -- Halloween Parade 

December Spirit Night Cafe Zupas    Made   $ 334.36

January Spirit Night Chick-Fil-A    Made  $ 410.65

February Spirit Night Cafe Zupas    Made  $ 260.68

March Spirit Night Chick-Fil-A ???? (Coming Up Monday)  $ ???????

Right now we have $1,467.51 this will be $35 per teacher if this Monday we make the $400 we made before we would have $45 to give to every teacher. Please try to make it to the Midas Creek Spirit Night at Chick-Fil-A this Monday 5-7 pm

Drive Thru and Dine In Count --No Flyer Needed

Thursday, March 12, 2015

March PTA Meeting Minutes

March 2015 Meeting Minutes
Adriane Watson                     
Becca Hyer                  
Staci Case
Jennifer Johnson                    
Timette Wankier       
 Carolyn Bona                                                  
Natalie Searle                         
Amy McMullins          
Ardis Bird
Whitney McKell                      
Heidi Elsasser

Approval of last month’s meeting minutes
  • Natalie Moved
  • Becca 2nd
Staci Case Treasurers report:
  • Started with 45,418.38
  • Income 689.49
  • Expenses 1348.39
  • End 44,759.48

Mrs. Bona:
-Midas Creek might rotate the late start time with other schools in the district in coming years.
-The district is looking at 2017-2018 moving schools to modified school schedule
-2015-2016 The schools theme will be “Super Powers” – Living the 7 Habits can give us super powers.
- Miss Riverton will be collecting shoes for Africa 

Natalie Searle will be moving =( and will not be PTA President for the 2015-2016 School year
Heidi has so graciously stepped up and is willing to do it!!! We are sad to see Natalie go but we know Heidi will do a fabulous job!!!!! Thank you Heidi! We are now in need of a new President Elect for the 2015-2016 School Year.

We are moving forward with the marquee on the schools sign – they will have to remove 2 trees for it but will plant 2 more in another place on the property. 
It looks like the marquee will cost the PTA $10,000
  • Adriane Moved
  • Natalie 2nd

PTA Day At The Capital was a success. There is a bill in the works to shift some education funding to the charter schools from the public schools. We will be watching to see what happens. Find out more info by going to the PTA’s blog.

Kindergarten Orientation is on April 10th. We need some volunteers to come and help direct kids. The PTA will provide cookies and volunteers.

Fun Run planning is in the works for next year!
-        Working to plan food trucks for the food sales. 
-        Maybe do on a weekend instead of a weekday? 

Road to success:
-        Kids are loving it and we are very appreciate for all the hard work. 
-        Amy McMullins: teachers asked about if doing in class might work better than doing over the intercom. 

Meeting dismissed until April 1st @ 10:00 am

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Save Your Shoes

Any kind....Any size

The Student Leadership at Midas Creek Elementary will give us more details soon, but as for now if we can start saving all of our old shoes.


Any Runners this will be a great way to donate all of those shoes you have in your closet.

Also let your runner friends know this will be happening at Midas Creek. 

--details will be doing from the Student Leadership