Tuesday, October 27, 2015

First Round of Reading Challenge is Almost Done

Super Reader Challenge

Dates for drawings and new lists passed out.
A track  list due October  30th
B, C tracks November 5th
  • Every student will be given a checklist containing different categories of books.
  • Students will have 12 weeks to read one book from every category.
  • After the 12 weeks,  students who read a book from every category will turn in the checklist, which must be signed by a parent.  The students who turn in the checklist will earn a book worm bead for their lanyard and their name will be entered in for a drawing at the end of the 12 week period.
  • Every 12 weeks there will be a small drawing for students who turned in the checklist.
  • A new checklist will be given every 12 weeks.
  • Lists are due by 12:00 on the day of the drawings.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

October PTA Minutes

October 7, 2015 Meeting Minutes

Attending:  Carolyn Bona, Heidi Elsasser, Christy Boden, Adriane Watson, Whitney McKellTimette Wankier, Tami Dickenson, Jenni RunolfsonJen Johnson, Amber Anderson, Leslie Smith, Marilee Pack, Betsy Perry, Amy McMullin, Michelle PerryKambrie Brownlee (student principal for the day)


Financial Report: Balance as of 9/1/15: $15,492.20.  Total Income: $25,294.49.  Total Expenditures: $1,374.36.  

Balance as of 9/30/15: $39,412.33


September Meeting Minutes: Motion to approve: Jenni Runolfson, 2nd: Whitney McKell

Thank you Michelle Perry for bringing donuts for everyone 


Heidi:  Big Thanks: FUN RUN Committee, Camille Jenson for Vision Screenings &

Betsy Perry for Walk to School Day

(Miscommunication of times; people confused) Fix next year! Teachers have beads! 


Principal:  Kambrie Brownlee (principal for the day)  

-Thank you to Fun Run Committee and for the Skate Night

Pincipal Bona: 

-Thanks ahead for the “Tricks and Treats” Day for the teachers on Friday, October 9th

-ABC PTC coming up (Kindergarten attends school during PTC)

-Leader in Me:  Start way for students to set and achieve goals 

*Using Student Education Plan (students work w/teachers) teachers find areas where students need improvement. This will be discussed @ 1st PTC

*Goals will be kept in “Leader in Me” data notebooks

* @ 2nd PTC, students will review old goals and work on new goals

-From the District:  “m” on report card means under/above on fluency and comprehension

*Ex. 4th Grade (go on 3rd grade or5th grade level depending if they are under/above.  

*look @ comments on student’s report card if there’s an “m” on it. 

-Talked about the calendar (please refer to calendar)

* October 21st and 22nd:  PTC & Book Fair (The stage will be closed for that week for book fair). 

*23rd: Leader Breakfast, 

*28th: Reflections Judging Night 

*29th: Reflections Gallery and Awards Night (gym will be closed) 

*30th: Halloween parade and class parties. 


Amy McMullin: 

-More teachers would volunteer for fun run if the time slot wasn’t so long, otherwise, they thought it was amazing!  -teachers have been fine with the passing out of t-shirts. Overall, seem more positive.  


PTA Memberships: Pay dues & Join. A big Thank you to Principal Bona who paid for entire faculty! 


FUN RUN committee/Timette Wankier:

Missing Table:  Don Yates (Timette purchased a new one).  

- Shirts: Timette & Whitney going around on Wednesdays to help kids earn their shirts.  Carolyn says, “Thank you for all of the extra work.” 

-Be positive on FB! If you need to say anything negative, PM. 

-Over $20,000 in profit!!!! 

-Classic Skating: Good Turnout esp. around 7:30pm.  Gaitan, Jolley and Principal Bona were there! 


-3D art in Deluca’s room until Judging Night.

-Need a bead for lanyards (Carolyn helping)


PTC Dinners: Jen Johnson

-31 Teachers ABC tracks.  20 Teachers D track

-Nacho Bar Wednesday night and Pulled Pork Sandwiches Thursday night

Book Fair: Leslie Smith

-No coin drive since we made a lot of $ from Fun Run. Parents can still donate @ the fair

-Monster Theme: sending an email to ABC tracks for kids to make monster posters to hang up for the book      fair as decorations. 

*$10 in scholastic bucks for the best poster in each grade! 

-All Scholastics bucks donate to teachers and library

-Amy McMullin says Teachers love the $100 in cash.  Trying to decide about Scholastics bucks vs. cash

-$ ultimately goes to kids and not teacher’s personal use

-Teachers shop w/$ parents donate @ the fair so it needs to be used up.  

-Talked about having a paper printout for each teacher w/ scholastic $$ total. They shop and put their order on the paper and turn in to the PTA box. 

-Need volunteers for walkthroughs.  Leslie will email Neena to get volunteers.  

-$150 needed in cash for Book Fair: Executive board member needs to be there to count $. 


Golden Apple Award/Awards: Timette Wankier & Whitney McKell

-3 or 4 awards

-end of November: all award nominations due!!! 

-Golden Apple Award: Outstanding Educator Award

-put link on FB and have papers @ PTC for parents to look at and/or fill out. 

-Going to make a flier and send out skylert: “We feel really good about it. “


Treat day: Friday October 9th

-have treats @ school by 10am. 

-cookies, brownies, popcorn, etc. 


Box Tops Due: Wednesday, October 14th



The Golden Apple Award

Every year the Utah PTA gives a Golden Apple Award to the top teachers, principals, and volunteers in our state.  And every year Midas Creek has not nominated one.  

This year the Midas Creek PTA wants to make sure our amazing teachers are recognized on a higher level.  Please click on the link below and nominate a teacher, principal of volunteer you feel has impacted your student's life in ways you could never express.  

Please nominate someone. We have an amazing school and amazing staff. Take a second to let us know who stands out. Thank you again for all of your support.  

Midas Creek PTA