Wednesday, March 30, 2016

March PTA Minutes

March 9, 2016

MCE PTA Meeting Minutes

Attending: Heidi Elsasser, Christy Boden, Betsy Perry, Carolyn Bona, Marilee Pack, Whitney McKell, Adriane Watson, Becca Hyer, Amy McMullin, Jenni Runolfson, Robyn Epley, Amber Anderson, Tami Dickinson,Brynn Nygren, Tiffani Merrick

Treasurer’s Report: Balance as of 2/1/16: $28,857.05

Expenses: $1,064.27

Revenue: $0

Balance as of 2/29/16: $27,792.78


February Meeting Minutes: Motion to Approve: Heidi Elsasser2nd: Michelle Perry

School Business: 

Maturation during the day:  Overall success. A few parents complained about having to take off work to come and also how a lot of kids were there unaccompanied by their parents so they were a little misbehaved. 

White Ribbon Week: Thank you Betsy Perry. Teachers loved it during the day and how the kids could get stuff. 

FYI: 180ish Powerades left. Maybe use for field day volunteers. 

Amy McMullin: Field trip season. Thank you for the extra $$$

PTC Dinners: We will have 3 student teachers and possibly 6 practicum teachers for the dinner. 

Kindergarten Orientation: We need 6 adults plus student leaders. There will be a volunteer sign-up sheet at Kindergarten Orientation for new parents coming in. 

Battle of the Books:  MCE PTA pays ½ and Midas Creek pays the other ½.  Heidi, Jenni & Nichole going to Butterfield Elementary on Monday, March 13th to watch 2 teams battle.  We could use Scholastics buck to buy books for this. For 3rd-6th graders. 

Day at the Capitol: Thanks to Heidi for attending.  PTA gave Lt. Governor a check in volunteer hours.  90hrs per person per parent volunteer in Utah. Thanks to our Legislators for last year: We got more $$$. 

Bike Rodeo: Is 10am or 11am better for bike rodeo?  Amy McMullin said 11am.  April 19th & 26th to hit all of the tracks. 

Teacher Appreciation Week:  May 2nd-6th and the 9th-15th

2016-2017 Executive Board:  Jenni Runolfson (Pres.), Michelle Perry (Pres. Elect), Heidi Elsasser (Sec.), Christy Boden (Treas.), Robyn Epley (Leg. VP).  

Positions to Fill: Book Fair, Fun Run, Social Media

Business/Spirit Night Partnerships. Maybe have Fun Run Committee over the Spirit Nights since we don’t start Spirit Nights until after the Fun Run. 

Volunteers: Do we need a new way/system?  Maybe a phone tree? Have room mom outline?  Email teachers to give names of volunteers? Thinking of asking Carrie Twitchell to be over volunteers. 



PTC March 9th & 10th.  

Surveys due: March 18th. 320 turned in so far. 468 last year. Need at least 10 surveys per teacher. Going to advertise at PTC.  

Going to Battle of the Books on March 17th @ Butterfield.  Spring Break on the 25th & 28thBday Table on the 30th

Safety Assembly on March 30th.  


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Monday, March 21, 2016

Midas Creek PTA Proposed Bylaws

Our PTA Bylaws are up for renewal.  If you would like to read through the proposed copy, you can ask Cindy to see the copy in the office or click here.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact Heidi Elsasser (  Thank You