Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Child Protection Registry
Keep Adult Advertisements Out Of Your Children’s Inboxes

About The Utah Child Protection Registry
The Utah Child Protection Registry is a unique program that empowers families to stop adult advertisements from reaching their children’s e-mail addresses, mobile phone numbers, and instant messenger IDs. The free program is administered by the Division of Consumer Protection and enforced in conjunction with the State Attorney General’s Office.

How To Register You and Your Family
After going to, complete your registrations in three easy steps:

1.      Verify you are a state resident by entering your zip code, and then you may register your parental, family, and children’s contact points.

2.      Designate an administrator for the contact points registered.

3.      Refer friends and family members to the program by instantly sending them Registry sign up information.

Addresses Protected
The contact points protected under the registry comprise of:
-E-mail Addresses
-Mobile Phone Numbers (SMS)
-Instant Messenger IDs
-Fax Numbers

Stopping Adult Product Advertisements
The Utah Child Protection Registry is not a spam filter or a service that “blocks” unwanted messages. Companies and marketers are prohibited from sending messages for products or services that are illegal under Utah law for minors to purchase. These include but are not limited to alcoholic beverages and products, tobacco products, pornographic materials, and/or gambling services.

What If You Are Contacted After You Register
Once an address is registered, senders of messages that advertise certain adult-oriented
products or services are required to remove the address from their lists within 30 days.
If a registered address is contacted with an adult-oriented message, you may submit a report to
the Division of Consumer Protection. The process is user-friendly and ultimately allows the
registry to work at its best. By submitting a report, you are helping the state fight against those
companies and marketers who are not complying with the registry laws.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Walk to School Day!

Walk to School Day! 
August 29th

We want to encourage a healthy lifestyle which includes walking to school.  Meet Mr. Giles at Swensen Farm Park (Swensen Farm Dr., at the parking lot entrance)  & Mrs. Marilyn Smith, & Superintendent Johnson at  Copper Creek  (Grassy park area where Copper Mine Drive & Ticaboo Mine Road intersect, about 11870 South. South side of the road).  Meet at either location @ 8:30am.  Bus riders will also get a chance during the day to spend time walking with the Principal.