Monday, September 29, 2014

PTA Board Meeting Wednesday October 1 10 am

Once again it is your favorite time of the month!! PTA meeting time!!!! You don't want to miss this fabulous celebration! The fun run is over and we are moving on to all our other fun and exciting adventures!
Wednesday Morning at 10:00am!!! Make-up and fancy hair not required!
Also just as a friendly reminder - if you have not paid your PTA dues you need to do so ASAP. All board members are required to be paying members of the PTA. I will be sending out personal emails later this week to anyone who has not paid yet! DON'T BE ON MY LIST!
Loves and kisses!!

Jennifer Johnson
Midas Creek PTA Secretary 

Friday, September 26, 2014

Elsa Comes to Midas Creek

At the silent auction we had a Meet and Greet with Elsa. You had to pay for one of the 12 spots. Every spot sold and Elsa came.

Elsa is from Pirates and Princess Parties of Utah, and donated her time so Midas Creek could receive 100% of the proceeds. Huge Thank You to such a wonderful company.

Here are pictures and video from the event. --Elsa made a princess crown with everyone, read the Frozen story, Danced to Frozen and then took pictures with everyone. It was a wonderful event.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

September Birthday Table --The Panda Came

Our Birthday Table this month was great! The Panda was there and everyone was all smiles.

Remember Birthday Table is the last Wednesday of the month during your students lunch time. Bring a lunch and come eat with your special Birthday Buddy. 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Midas Creek T-Shirt Orders

Don't forget to order your Midas Creek T-shirt or Sweatshirt by Friday, September 26th
Click on the image to the left for the order form.

Friday, September 12, 2014

September 3rd, 2014 PTA Meeting Minutes


Approval of last months meeting minutes
  • Becca Moved
  • Natalie 2nd
Carolyn Bona
• School Community Council – starting leader of the pride award for students.
• Students will get a pennant the 1st year they earn the award and a pin for each additional year they get the award
• Fire drill with D Track afternoon on September 4th
• Fun Run assembly 9/11 AM and PM

Amy McMullin
• No room parent/teacher meeting this year – Tiffany will contact each Room Parent.
• Still have a few classes without room parents. Tiffany making calls now.
• The PTA will send an email clarifying the Fun Run situation. Several teachers are confused on what is happening.

Staci Case: Treasurers Report
Beginning Balance: $24,091.00
Ending Balance: $23,797.83

If you have not signed Ethics / Conflict of Interest agreements you need to do so now.

Reimbursements – when your check is ready you will receive a text message so please list your cell on the forms.

Don’t forget to pay your membership dues. ALL Board members need to be paying PTA members

Hearing screenings still need help. Contact Camille if you are available.

Vision screening September 25th C&D Track need volunteers there – contact Camille Jensen if available.

Fun Run Volunteers
• 2 shifts 4:30-6:00 and 6:00-7:30
• 8 areas for volunteers
  •  Food
  • Check-In
  • Volunteer Check in
  • Directions
  • Course
  • Water Table
  • Warm Ups
  • Hall Monitors
Reflections – we have the judges covered.

Still need a hospitality coordinator if anyone is interested.

Meeting dismissed until October 1st at 10:00 am

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Fun Run Pledge Highlights

We are excited that 100% of the money earned from the Fun Run will stay at Midas Creek Elementary. This year the money will go towards Fieldtrips, Assemblies, Field Day, Birthdays, Reflections, Student Recognition Awards and a whole lot more! 

Every student has received a free wristband from Talbot Orthodontics. The wristband is to remind the students of the theme RU Ready 2 Run and the date 9/18/2014. 

Every student should have also received a pledge envelope and information packet. (the office has extra packets but not extra wristbands) 

In the packet is a table that students can fill out with names and phone numbers of people they can call to pledge them in their 15 minute Run. There is also a script the students can use to call their friends, or family. Please encourage the students to call and ask, this is a great leadership opportunity for them. You can also ask doctors, dentists, orthodontics, realtors, dance teachers, ect. 

On the last page students should write down their goals, and try to achieve them. 

Every student that brings at least $15 in donations will receive a Midas Creek Water Bottle. 

The top three classes in each grade with the highest average in donations will receive an ice cream party. --you can follow your classes success at

The top three students in each grade will receive a Midas Creek Medal, a prize package and be recognized in our closing assembly on September 23.

As a school we are trying to get a donation from all 50 states. You can go to to see what states we have received donations from.

Donations can be made online this year by clicking on the Fun Run Logo on the top left of this blog, and completing the payment with PayPal.

Please email me if you have any questions or concerns. 

Timette Wankier 
Midas Creek PTA Fundraiser Chair 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

September 2014 PTA Newsletter!1581&app=WordPdf
Click on the above link to view the Newsletter.

Step-By-Step to donate to the Fun Run Online

Step One: Click on the link to the left.

 Step Two: Fill out the form. This is how we collect the information so we can give credit to a student, class, and state. Once everything is filled out you will click Submit.
(you have not paid yet, just given Midas Creek PTA the information needed to track donations)

Step Three: This page will appear and you will need to click on the link shown to pay using paypal. (you do not need a paypal account to pay, just a credit card or debit card)  

Step Four: This page will come up showing the MCE PTA name on top. and a place to type your donation. 
STEP 1--type your amount to donate 
STEP 2--to use a credit card click on the Continue link. 

Step Five: The credit card information will now appear and you can use your credit card or debit card to pay for the donation. 

Step Six: E-mail confirmation. Please check your email for a confirmation. Please keep this for your records.  If there are any questions about a donation we will use this email as verification to paypal. 

We are excited to add this option for family and friends to donate. It is fun, easy, and completely secure, and allows everyone a chance to donate. 

Thank You Again For Supporting Midas Creek Students

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Meet our great new Assistant Principal, Dr. Jerri Mausbach

Hello Midas Creek Families,

My name is Jerri Mausbach. I am the Assistant Principal at Midas Creek for the 2014-2015 school year. I am also assigned to Silver Crest Elementary so I try to split my time evenly between the two schools. Typically I am at Midas Creek Tuesday, Thursday and every other Friday. It has been a delight getting to know your children, the fabulous staff and some of the families. The motivated, polite and kind students, the dedicated teachers and staff, supportive families and the devoted and ever creative PTA impress me. I am also very fortunate to have Mrs. Bona as a leader and mentor. This amazing team has the potential to help your most precious assets; your children, achieve ambitious goals this year!

I am fairly new to Utah and the Jordan School District, moving here in July of 2013, after spending 29 years with the Clark County School District in Las Vegas, Nevada. I served as a teacher for seven years there and spent the rest of my career as an administrator. My Master’s and Doctoral work was done at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. I enjoyed my time with CCSD, but am thrilled with the opportunity to live in this beautiful state and work with a district that is clearly dedicated to doing what is best for all children. I recently purchased a new home, well new to me; the home itself is 90 years old! I enjoy spending time with friends and family, running (very slowly), reading, shopping and traveling. I also have appreciated exploring the city and all it has to offer, including the breathtaking outdoors!

In closing, I look forward to working with the Midas Creek learning community. I have much to learn about the Jordan School District, the city and state and am eager to get to know you and your children better.

Please introduce yourself if you see me out and about and let me know if I can be of any assistance or support to you or your children.


Jerri Mausbach