Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Walk to School Day--October 7

Midas Creek Elementary
Walk to School Day
October 7, 2015

*Walk or bike to school and get a bead.

*Meet Mrs. Bona at Swenson Farms Park (12059 South Swenson Farm Drive) at 8:30 am to walk to the school with her if you would like.

*A Track students can walk or bike to school any day in October to earn their bead.

Use this link to see the approved walking paths 

Thursday, September 3, 2015

What Happened in the Wednesday PTA MEETING?

September 2, 2015 Meeting Minutes
Attending:  Carolyn Bona, Heidi Elsasser, Christy Boden, Adriane Watson, Whitney McKell, Timette Wankier, Jenn Burr, Tami Dickenson, Jenni Runolfson, Paula Kitch,  Robyn Epley, Amber Anderson, Leslie Smith, Marilee Pack, Rebecca Hanks, Amy McMullin, Betsy Perry, and Michelle Perry
Financial Report: Balance as of 8/1/15: $17, 130.50.  Total Income: $866.01.  Total Expenditures: $1,638.30. 
                                    Balance as of 8/31/15: $15,492.20. 
Thanks everyone for all they do:  Back to School Night, Fun Run, Reflections, Bday Table, Teacher appreciation; etc.
Amy McMullin: 
Says teachers are doing great and are excited for the Fun Run!  However, they need to know what the incentives are for Fun Run. More visuals to see what they can earn.  Timette is going to get the incentive info to Heidi who will then email the teachers.
Principal Bona: 
                  -Musical Program started.  We are lucky to have Laura (music teacher).  Kids are loving it!
-Waiting on the IBM computer for the marquee. Once we have that, we can start using it! Took 1 tree out and trimmed another tree for the marquee.
-3rd Grade Grandparents Day: September 11th
-Leader Breakfast: September 18th.  Habit #1.  Self Control.  Teachers got lists so they know who got to go last year.
-BYU partnership this year: 2 Interns (1 for 4th grade and 1 for 6th grade). Carolyn has been doing once a month training. 
-Less people are choosing Education as a degree. We should all be willing to go to Legislature to make things better for teachers and for students.
-Carolyn is doing BYU associates training.
-September is Green Ribbon Month. Safety Issues. Talked about the sidewalk between 2 houses (is it in
 Canyon View or Legacy Ranch). Kids not staying on sidewalks
Fun Run: 
                  Paula: Volunteer Coordinator: passed around sign-up sheet at the meeting. 
                  Need help with:  Silent Auction, Bathroom, Crossing Guard, Set-up, Take down; etc
                  Need 6-8 Easy Ups (canopies)
600 people like our FACEBOOK page! 
Room Parent Meeting:  Friday, September 11th @ 1:30pm
                  Talked about judges. Timette knows a dance judge.  Amy McMullin can get visual arts judge.
Walk to School Day:
                  Betsy:  Wednesday, October 7th (going w/National Walk to School Day).  Need maps w/volunteers.
                                    Facebook post: 1 week before.  A track is off (so less kids)
                                    Neena can put on Help Counter for help w/Walk to School Day
-Neena can organize volunteers through help counter. Its easy. We have over 100 people who want to help with stuff while @ home.
-$10 for Yearbooks.  Nichole looked into it.  Have we talked to Lifetouch? No. There might be copyrights with Lifetouch photos. Going to have Nichole look into having Lifetouch do a Yearbook.  We also need to double check w/privacy issues with students.
Leslie Smith:  Book Fair
-ABC tracks in October. D track in November. No book fair for A & B tracks in February. Invited to come in March during C & D tracks PTC.
-Laura (the music teacher) will need to go somewhere else for those 3 separate weeks while book fair is set up.
-Coin Drive- 1st 2 book fairs (Oct & Nov). Use Scholastic bucks on 3rd book fair for teachers instead of asking for parent donations.  $5 coupon for teachers from scholastic bucks.

Fun Run Awards Assembly: Had to be changed to September 21st instead of September 22nd.