Tuesday, February 9, 2016

January 6, 2016 MCE PTA Meeting Minutes

Attending:  Heidi Elsasser, Amy Johnson, Amy McMullin, Jenni Runnolfson, Jen Johnson, Claire Evanson, Michelle Perry, Adriane Watson, Christy Boden, Rebecca Hanks, Carolyn Bona.

Treasurer’s Report: Balance as of 12/1/15 $29,090.72. Total Income:  $540.65.  Total Expenditures:
            Balance as of 12/31/15:  $29,102.82.

December Meeting Minutes: Adriane approve. Christy 2nd
Carolyn:  3 BYU student teachers here for 2 weeks for D track then come back w/D track
January: 6th grade musical practice every morning. 
Fundraiser for Haley. Getting a van! Student leadership collecting $ every day.  Already @ $1,500. Goal is $5,000.  Competing against Silver Crest.
Short Read-a-thons:
Hot Dog Reading:  On last day D track is on (January 15th) and last day in January for other                tracks. 
Trying to encourage home reading.
January 21st: Literacy Night 5-6:30pm Open House
Booklists about 7 Habits, Book Exchange.  If you bring 5 books, you get 5 books. If you bring 20 books, you get 20 books.
Everyone gets a bookmark, booklist and popcorn. A movie will be playing as well.
Need 2-3 volunteers @ the exchange table for this night.
            2 Technology Trainings:  Kindergarten on iPads and 4-6th grade on Chrome books
            Google Chrome tour was a success! Teachers and kids had a lot of fun!
Teachers: PTA “You are the spirit of the school”. Thank you to PTA
PTC: No Book Fair! 
Jen Johnson: PTC dinners. A&C tracks, 27 people.  Sub sandwiches (Feb. 3rd) and Baked potatoes (Feb. 4th).  Heidi going to check closet for plates and forks.
Maturation: Decided to do it during the day since we couldn’t find a nurse to do the presentation @ night.
Jr. Achievement: Meeting on Jan. 11th @ 10am in the A track Kindergarten room. 
            Classes needed:  Hansen (AM): Heidi checking w/people, Michelson: Amy McMullin checking.