Friday, December 12, 2014

Reflection Council Award of Excellence Winners from Midas Creek

These three students will move on to the next level in Reflections. This is a National PTA Program.
Congratulations Students

Makenna Pace (4th Grade)---3D Visual Art  
Parker Sabin (2nd Grade) -- 3D Visual Art
Paislee Bawden (3rd Grade) --Flim 

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

December PTA Minutes

Approval of last month’s meeting minutes
            Christy Barnson Moved
            Tiffany Bowling 2nd

Staci Case Treasurers report:
  • Started with 40,130.18
  • Income: 9,203.44
  • Expenses 3,180.42
  • End 46,153.20

Mrs. Bona:

Thanks to the PTA for all they do and all their hard work. The school would not be the same without the parents

Choir and Orchestra Concert December 10th at 6:00pm all parents are invited

December 23rd afternoon kindergarten will go early and the school will have a sing a long. This is for students and teachers NOT PARENTS. There is not room in the gym for parents to come watch.

The School got 30 new air mac computers last month that will be put to use by teachers.

The security wall in the front of the school has been measured for and will be done sometime this year. We do not have dates for it yet though.

Nominating Committee:
Staci Case
Timette Wankier
Rebecca Christianson
Alternate: Brittany Seale
Alternate: Ardis Bird

Zupas Night is coming again on December 16 and February 17th – mark your calendars and plan to attend.

Meeting dismissed until January 7th @ 10:00 am

Monday, December 1, 2014

Everyone that READS has a chance to WIN BIG

This year the literacy program is called ROAD TO SUCCESS.

The Prizes this year are GREAT and well worth reading more minutes to try to WIN.  Students get one ticket for every 100 minutes they read and two tickets for reading over 140 minutes during a one week period.  Teachers will be tracking students' minutes and totals will be posted on a large banner outside the lunch room. 

(Parents you do not need to log in minutes for your student, teachers do this from the minutes you return each week or month with your student) 

Our first two drawings have happened and we have the winners for our October Reading. 
B & C Track Winners (announced on November 7) 

Abby (Menzel's Class)
Aidan (Peterson's Class) 

Soccer Ball 
Lexi (Honoker's Class) 
Lilyan (Taylor's Class) 

Jensen (Forman's Class)
Austin (Hake's Class) 

 Logan (LeBeau's Class)
Nathan (Greenwood's Class)
Tanner (Benson's Class) 
Michael (Frostel's Class) 
Sabine (Mine's Class) 
Nate (Hanna's Class) 

Can of Sprite
Damien (Hakes's Class)
Riley (Benson's Class) 
Ashlyn (Peterson's Class) 
Mathson (Taylor's Class) 
Andrew (Hake's Class) 
Sarah (Frostel's Class) 
Carsten (Taylor's Class) 
Ashlyn (Benson's Class) 

A&D Track Winners (announced on November 25)* 

Gabe (Flink's Class) 
Rylee (Flink's Class) 

Adison (McMullin's Class) 

Soccer Ball 
Aiden (Hansen's Class) 

Caleb (Mickelson's Class 
Ragen (Checket's Class) 
Luke (Pugsley's Class) 

Snow Sled 
Danille (Nagli's Class) 
Abby (Joyner's Class) 
Rylee (Nagli's Class) 
McKay (Barron's Class) 
Max (McMullin's Class) 
Makenna (Flink's Class) 
Adam (Joyner's Class) 

Scrabble Flash 
Conner (Linford's Class) 

Kate (Hansen's Class) 
Bronte (Pugsley's Class) 

Brodi (Joyner's Class) 
Ellie (Barron's Class) 
Reagan (Checket's Class) 

Wyatt (McMullin's Class)
Cassandra (Barron's Class)
Madison (Hansen's Class)
Mia (Mickelson's Class)
Jake (Joyner's Class)
Peyton (Flink's Class) 
Addalee (Flink's Class) 
Kaitlyn (Flink's Class) 
Kirsten (Checket's Class) 
Christian (Linford's Class)
Josh (Mickelson's Class) 
Taylor (Barron's Class) 
Whitney (Joyner's Class) 
Peyton (Checkets's Class) 
Pablo (Nageli's Class) 

The next drawings will be on Jan 13 and Jan 27. Keep Reading for more chances to win. 

*we are missing A Track winners and will add them as soon as we get the list.