Thursday, August 20, 2015

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Mighty Midas Reading Challenge

We are excited about the Mighty Midas Reading Challenge this school year! Here are the details. 

 Mighty Midas Reading Challenge
Superheros powered by books

There will be two components of the reading challenge.  The SUPER BOOKWORM  and a SUPER READER CHALLENGE.
Super Book Worm.
  • Classes track reading minutes any way they would like.
  • Starts Second week of school. August 3rd.
  • Each class will have a weekly reading goal based on the following
        K- should read 10 min a day x 5 days a week = 50 min. per week
        1-3 grades should read 20 min a day x 5 days a week =100 min. per week
        4-6 grades should read 30 min a day x 5 days a week = 150 min per week

        Bonus: Off track reading counts, but is not calculated into the goals. Add     
                    off track/holiday minutes to the first week back. Example Winter break will
                    be added to the week of January 4-8.

  • There will be a Super Book Worm started near the office on the wall. Our goal is to add to the worm, as it grows it will wrap around the school.  Students will be able to observe its growth as the school year progresses.
  • Every class will get portions (circles) to add on to the worm. Classes earn the circles by making their weekly reading goals.  
  • Teachers will add minutes to a shared spreadsheet.
  • The first week of every month, we will determine how many circles each class earned based on what is updated on the spreadsheet from the previous month. Example: August reading will be recognized the first week of September.
  • Every month after the reading minutes are calculated, the top class will be recognized and earn a prize.  There will be no need for writing out tickets.
  • Circles will be added to the worm with the teacher's name on the front. Reminders will be sent to teachers to add reading minutes to the spreadsheet before the deadline.
  • All teachers need to do is track students reading minutes, add weekly minutes to the spreadsheet and help collect the Super Reader Checklists from the following challenge.  We take care of the rest.

Super Reader Challenge

  • Every student will be given a checklist containing different categories of books.
  • Students will have 12 weeks to read one book from every category.
  • After the 12 weeks,  students who read a book from every category will turn in the checklist, which must be signed by a parent.  The students who turn in the checklist will earn a book worm bead for their lanyard and their name will be entered in for a drawing at the end of the 12 week period.
  • Every 12 weeks there will be a small drawing for students who turned in the checklist.
  • A new checklist will be given every 12 weeks.
  • Lists are due by 12:00 on the day of the drawings.

Dates for drawings and new lists passed out.
A track  list due October  30th
B, C tracks November 5th
D track  December 4th

Dates for drawings and new lists passed out.
A tack February 12th
B track February 26th
C,D track March 24th

Dates for drawings and new lists passed out.
A track  June 1st/drawing will be held on the 3rd of June
B,C,D track  June 21st/ drawing will be held on the 24th of June

During the school year the PTA will be sponsoring fun activities to promote reading. Information on these activities will be given through the PTA later in the year. 

Book List for Grades 2-3

Book List for Grades 4-6

Monday, August 17, 2015

Come PLAY With Us -- MCE Orchestra

Don't miss out on your student being in the Midas Creek Orchestra this year.  Your student can learn to play the



or Cello

Classes will begin Tuesday, September 1, 2015.  Orchestra will be held on Wednesday and Friday 8:00 am-8:45 am for beginners and Tuesday and Thursday 8:00 am - 8:45 am for advanced students (times may change if there are not enough students to hold two sessions).  

Fee for Orchestra is $200.00 per year and can be paid $100 now and $100 for the second semester.  Rental fees through local music stores are minimal.  

Please pick up a sign up form in the office if your student is interested.  All forms and/or applications for fee waivers need to be returned by August 31, 2015.
Feel free to call the school if you have any questions.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Like the Midas Creek Facebook Page

Hi everyone,

Make sure that you like the Midas Creek Facebook Page, and invite 5 friends to like it too, so your student can get a UV bead.

Here is a link to the handout. Just print and fill out for each of your students.

ABC Track this is due August 12, beads will be handed out on Friday August 15.

D Track you will get your handout when you get to school and it will be due on September 2.

Friday, August 7, 2015

PTA Minutes -- August 5

August 5, 2015 Meeting Minutes

Attending:           Heidi Elsasser, Jenni Runolfson, Christy Boden, Adriane Watson, Timette Wankier, Claire Evanson, Nichole Parkinson, Jen Johnson, Leslie Smith, Amber Anderson, Shantel VanWagoner,  Becca Hyer, Michelle Perry,  Ardis Bird, Carrie Roy, Paula Kitch, Amanda Bawden, Jenny McArthur, Rachel Anderson, Neena Riddle, Betsy Perry

Treasurer’s Report:  Christy
                  Beginning Balance:  $27, 583. Expenses: $10, 211.73.  Revenue $473. Ending Balance: $17,844.27
Motion to approve: Timette Wankier, 2nd Adriane Watson
Conflict of Interest:  Passed the sheet around for everyone to sign acknowledging they will not go over their approved committee budget
Box Tops $ goes to school not PTA (take off Budget)

FUN RUN: Timette
                  Dates:   August 25th: B track Assembly Kick-off & collect $ until September 4th
                                    September 8th: ACD Assembly Kick-off & collect $ until September 18th
                                    September 17th: FUN RUN
                  Volunteers: Kids get a special bib and can run as many times as they want
                  Everyone else: Gets a specific time based on their bib color.
                  Silent Auction:  Hoping to make around $4000. Donations from: Disneyland, orthodontics, hotel stays, etc.
                  T-shirt donation:  $15.00 = t-shirt or 20 pts earned = t-shirt or can be split up Ex. $10 + 10pts = t-shirt.
                                    Everyone will have a t-shirt by Christmas. Need to encourage students to earn $$$.
                  Food Trucks: 5 + 2 dessert trucks.  Whitney McKell in charge.
Incentives: Non-tangible this year (extra recess, dress up day, and teacher eat lunch with students, etc) which      will save $$$.

Hearing Screening: Camille
September 1st:  A & B tracks.  Need 5 volunteers.  Talked about putting a pop up notice on Help Counter. Neena is helping w/volunteers.

Room Parents: Becca
                  Need room parents for: Gwilliam, Laboe, Blaney, Stone. Waiting for D track. 
                                    Possibly for Parkes, Milne, & Linford? 
                                    Purvis: Shantel VanWagoner, Forsyth: Michelle Perry, Hanna:  Marilee Pack
                  September 11th: Room Parent Meeting

Reflections: Adriane Watson
                  Theme: “Let Your Imagination Fly”
                  The Committee is Super AWESOME!
                  Due Dates:  September, 25th ABC tracks, October 9th for D track. Recognition Night Thursday, October 29th

Literacy:  Nichole Parkinson
Super Bookworm.  Teachers keep track of students minutes and gives to Melissa. Nichole makes sure the worm “grows.”
Super Reading Challenge:  Every 12 weeks students get new reading challenge (to encourage them to read new, different books).  Timette, Heidi and/or Shantel will make sure these challenge sheets are available to parents to print out from the PTA website Teachers give the challenge sheets to Melissa who will then record them. Kids can earn a bead if they get the 12 Reader Challenge!
Drawing: Every 12 weeks.  Talked about giving less but bigger prizes. We all agreed that we’d rather have more, smaller prizes so more kids can win. 
Celebrate: Dr. Suess Birthday. Coordinate w/library and in the fall decorate pumpkins to look like characters from a book. 
Battle of the Books: Talked about implementing this in January. It would cost a minimum of $200 to get started. Told to start out smaller and build up after the first year. 

Teachers: Amy McMullin
                  A big thank you for the $100 gift per teacher! They are all so grateful!

Reminder: Pay membership dues and t-shirts!